Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you’ll be spoiled for choice for things to do in Zanzibar. The tropical island paradise promises a wealth of interesting activities, from exhilarating pursuits like kite surfing and diving, to breathtaking snorkeling and swimming with dolphins,  and the spice tours and architectural wonders of historic Stone Town.

Kite Surfing & Sea Kayaking

Matemwe offers a wide variety of marine activities on the broad and protected northeast coast lagoon including kayaking and kite surfing courses with our partner Zanzikite ( For guests yet to try this exhilarating new sport combining aspects of sailing and boarding, we offer first timers a complementary introductory lesson with trainer kites on the beach. It will beat anything you tried in the park! For advanced kiters we also offer unique accompanied down wind trips (with a support boat following behind) that make the most of the prevailing, cross shore trade winds. Our resident kite instructors, including (who happens to be Zanzibar’s current kite surfing champion), are happy to design individually tailored down wind trips for you from a variety of starting points along the northeast coast lagoon.

Diving, Snorkeling & Swimming with Dolphins

Mnemba Atoll, just off-shore, offers some of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling anywhere in the Indian Ocean. Its renowned coral reef and piercing turquoise shallows are of exceptional natural beauty and are home to a staggering abundance of exotic marine life, including playful wild dolphins. If you don’t have a PADI diving certificate you can happily snorkel in the far-reaching shallows around glorious Mnemba. For those who do have their PADI or wish to study for it, our partner dive centre, One Ocean Dive Center (, provides excellent diving & snorkeling for all levels, and has a decompression chamber at hand. For a truly unforgettable experience, consider one of our dolphin boat safaris around Unguja island, with lunch on a piercing white sand bank, with afternoon snorkeling for the more active.

Yoga on Matemwe Beach

Saluting the sun as it rises over Matemwe’s lagoon is an experience to cherish. The great expanses of fine white sand and rose dawn hues mirrored in the shallows all the way to the reef, afford stunning vistas to early risers. Our all-natural, recently opened three-storey high tree house deck offers the most far-reaching views of the lagoon anywhere in Matemwe. For yogis, runners and walkers alike, the exceptionally fresh and pure Indian Ocean air is a pleasure to breathe. We sometimes offer yoga retreats, so get in touch if you are interested in a Zanzibar yoga holiday with one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers, Fleur Appleby-Deen.


Stone Town – Culture, Shopping & Spice

To experience more of Zanzibar’s rich culture we can organize shopping and cultural visits to Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site whose architecture  is unparalleled in East Africa in its richness and diversity. As you stroll along the narrow alleyways past an array of artisan and curio shops of the old town you will come across an exceptional variety of structures from arabesque palaces to Anglo-Indian municipal buildings that reflect the diverse influences underlying Swahili culture, with a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. A spice tour is highly recommended.


Nature Tours

© Hasin Shakur

To see  Zanzibar’s wildlife on land we will happily organize bespoke, half day or day-long excursions from Matemwe Bandas for you to see chameleons,  lizards, exotic, rate birds,  beautiful Zanzibar butterflies, blue monkeys and the endangered, red Colobus monkey,   in their protected tropical forest habitat at the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, where rich mangrove forests stretch into the Chwaka bay.


Village Tours

For those interested in experiencing the vibrant and welcoming village life of our local fishing community, we are very happy to walk our guests around Matemwe to meet some of our friends and the relatives of our team who all live in the area.

Pampering Massages

Just being in Matemwe, with its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery, will make you relaxed, but our massage therapists will help to loosen tense muscles, and after experiencing your massage and with the view from our tower, you will feel like you are floating!

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